Where you can grow in several ways

All these hours you spend at work – wouldn’t it be nice if your workplace were as inspiring, creative and modern as possible?

With a new workplace in RegionCity you can reside almost wherever you want in Western Sweden. Sustainability, freedom of choice and flexibility are core values in our offer.

Imminently we will begin building world-class meeting places and workplaces within a few steps of the train platforms. Perhaps you want to build a future here in the heart of the region. As a new office location for your company, or maybe as your new employer?

In addition to the convenience of smooth commuter travel, we offer an environment that stimulates job satisfaction and growth regardless of your company’s size and business activities.

Whether you want your own office here or if you’d rather work with us, you benefit from the same qualities:

    • From here you are so close to so much
    • From here you contribute to sustainabilityt
    • From here you can build the future
    • From here you will be more efficient
    • From here you can grow and prosper

The floors closest to the street level have mixed functions with a range of workplaces, businesses and people. From here you have direct access to both the city and the station. From the bustling ground floor the towers rise towards the sky. Meet your coworkers and friends on the Jubileumshallen terrace or in the Jubileumstornets lovely top restaurant where astonishing views are free of charge.

Choose between our offerings: high up in the towers panoramic city views, or closer to the pulse of the street and station in open, dynamic workplaces suitable for meeting-intensive businesses. Whatever your choice, you can make your move to the Jubileumstornet tower in 2021 and to the Älvtornet tower in 2023.

Perhaps you already work in business and property development and are looking for to a new professional path in the creation of Scandinavia’s new meeting place?