The Älvtornet tower, step two of RegionCity

The Älvtornet tower stretches 19 storeys high and will contain retail, restaurants, cafes and meeting places in direct contact with the city and the station. From level 4 upwards, the tower accommodates attractive workplaces designed to match the needs and dreams of the future. At the foot of the tower is the efficient connection between today’s Central Station and the soon to be West Link station. From here it’s close to home, wherever you live in the region. Relocation from 2024.

Contact Mats if you want to be high in the tower or if you prefer to be close to the street and the bustling station. He can also show you the conceptual floor plans.

Moving into the Älvtornet tower
At the end of 2023

Office space: 17,000 sqm
Trade: 2,000 sqm
Number of floors: 19
Office space range: 250 – 5000 sqm

Business Developer
Mats Strid
Mobile: +46 70 233 31 44

Älvtornet in RegionCity
Central Station area in Gothenburg