Economic sustainability

Explaining economic sustainability is complicated by the fact that there are at least two definitions of the concept.

At RegionCity, we see economy as a tool for promoting sustainable development where the Gothenburg region becomes a role model in Europe.

One of our most important partners is Happold Consulting, a UK consultancy with world-leading expertise in all aspects of buildings, infrastructure and sustainability. Together we have produced reports that form the basis for our work on economic sustainability in RegionCity.

Put simply, it’s about balanced economic growth with the least possible impact on both natural and human resources. The reports clearly indicate that increasing the number of office environments will create more jobs and a higher intensity on a relatively small area. Around the Gothenburg central station alone it would include between 5 000 and 30 000 new jobs, depending on the size of the buildings. Happold Consulting also points out that employment will increase throughout Gothenburg.

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