Connecting people and ideas

With swift connections by train to all its three capitals, Gothenburg is the true heart of Scandinavia. For many centuries the mouth of the Göta River has been a natural meeting place for kings, vikings and regular folks. The ”geographical jackpot” also laid the foundation for the city’s growth.

This is also the starting point for the idea of RegionCity. Gothenburg can once again capitalise on this ideal location and reclaim its historical position as a Scandinavian powerhouse. RegionCity with bring together the Central Station, Nils Ericson Bus Terminal and the future main station for the West Link, thus becoming becoming Western Scandinavia’s most accessible meeting place; offering offices, apartments, shops, restaurants, conference facilities and a large center for public transport within the city and region.

At the same time, a new neighborhood is being built that links the Region Västra Götaland with the city, whilst also connecting new and old districts in Gothenburg.

Jernhusen’s endeavour with the station area goes hand in hand with the city’s vision for Älvstaden, currently creating a detailed plan for the area. The first stage of RegionCity is expected to be completed in 2021, just in time for Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary.

Together we are developing a sustainable RegionCity for increased mobility, more human interaction and greater economic growth. Our entire approach is based on the conviction that meetings between people form the basis for innovation and growth.

Please see the film capturing our vision.