Cultural sustainability

A world without cultural differences becomes poor, boring and undynamic. Being different is a virtue in itself – not least since we tend to travel more than ever. A world where ice cream, food or music are identical everywhere would be no great experience to write home about.

Under the umbrella of sustainable urban development, aspects of culture can numerous.

For example, culture as in heritage (the will to care and preserve), culture as in creativity, as in multicultural, as an expression of quality of life, as a driving force for learning and personal development – and of course in terms of aesthetic values.

Gothenburg is a culturally open and diverse city where the banker in a pin stripe suit has shared the sidewalk with the working man in overalls for hundreds of years. The Gothenburg temperament – always ready and happy to crack a joke – distinguishes us from Stockholm and the rest of the country. Here, high meets low and beauty meets ugly without friction. We consider this to be a uniqueness worth preserving.