A meeting place for one and all

Social sustainability is a prerequisite for a democratic society, where citizens feel valued and involved. In a socially sustainable urban environment, everyone has a home in a safe neighbourhood – and interaction between people contribute to security and well-being. The result will be safer, happier and more productive people.

We like to describe RegionCity as a meeting place for everyone, and we mean just that. The conditions and opportunities for future generations is the focus of most of what we do. Also, we are “color blind” when we look at people. We consider our built-in diversity of cultures as a major asset in the global competition.
RegionCity 4 juni full fart i snickarverkstaden!
On June 4th curiosity was high at RegionCity. Many future travelers (and perhaps even entrepreneurs) came to our kids party to enjoy lots of cake, activities and performers singing and playing all day. We presented our jubilee initiative spearheaded by Jubileumstornet (the Jubilee Tower). Several building models were in place to show how Gothenburg’s new station area and RegionCity may look in the near future.
RegionCity – ökad rörlighet för alla!
In the autumn of 2015, a workshop was conducted together with representatives from various organisations for the disabled. This gave us important insight into the wishes, needs and potential conflicts of interest of different disabilities. One purpose of the exercise was to establish a collaboration between Jernhusen and the various organizations that will continue throughout the development of RegionCity.
RegionCity en mötesplats för alla, ungdomar spelar basket.
RegionCity will be a place for inspiring meetings. To get an indication of which kind of meeting place is the most important, we conducted a survey of visitors and travelers in Gothenburg. Despite today’s diligent use of mobiles and tablets, only 7% considered the virtual meeting place to be the most important, whilst 26% preferred internal meeting places. An interesting detail was that most of the votes came from travelers living outside of Gothenburg. Most votes were awarded to the external meeting place, and 58% of respondents encouraged us to invest in outdoor environments.

During the spring of 2014, a dialogue project was conducted with children and youth in grades 5, 9 and upper secondary school. It focused on different kinds of meeting places and was carried out in collaboration between Jernhusen, Tengbom Architects, five school classes in Gothenburg and the cultural administrations of both the city and the region.

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Tengbom Architects have assisted us as process leader in the dialogue with travelers and visitors to capture key qualities for station and urban development. This was conducted in autumn 2013 and the work has been used in the continued processing of RegionCity.

Download the report as pdf