A world in constant change

RegionCity is unique, but our driving forces are the same as all over the world:

    ● Climate change rattles the entire world and requires powerful sustainable solutions
    ● While still in its early stages, digitalisation has fundamentally changed both our societies and lifestyle
    ● Urbanisation draws more people to larger, ever expanding cities
    ● The labor market is constantly changing with new professions, new forms of employment, increased automation and greater flexibility

These forces drive the tug of war between regions wanting to attract businesses, investments, labor and ideas to develop strong economies and robust welfare. The Scandinavian countries have a tangible edge in terms of our societal models and perception of people.

Western Sweden is the center of Scandinavia, and RegionCity is its very heart

RegionCity acts according to the changing ground rules, with the second golden age of the railroad giving us a strong momentum. More and more people consider the environment in their everyday lives, while also realizing the economic and practical benefits of commuting collectively instead of by car. Moreover, as more people are given the opportunity to conduct their daily functions close to the railway tracks, even more will choose the sustainable option. New research also shows that densification of station areas helps alleviate future greenhouse gas emissions.

Thus, the station and its surroundings becomes more important than in over a hundred years

The road to the future follows our historical tracks. With the railroad as a major catalyst, Sweden moved from abject poverty to impressive wealth in less than a hundred years when the country was industrialized. Ever since the first rail was laid, Jernhusen has played an important role in the development of society. And the journey began in 1856 with Gothenburg Central Station.

Platsens DNA och själ

Now it is time for a groundbreaking renewal, when the West Sweden Infrastructure Initiative and the River City vision is interlinked with the central station as a physical epicentre. This gives us strength to respond to the global challenge. Our answer is RegionCity.